David Warren is a professional Photographer, Camerman and Director/Producer for television who has worked extensively across the UK and internationally.

Based in South London, David holds recent and proven shooting experience on a variety of cameras including the Canon C300, XF305, 5D, Sony FS7, PMW200, EX3 and Z7 across a number of formats. Own kit includes Canon 5D mkiii with rig, sound box, 50mm, 24mm, 16-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm USM II lens, Go Pros and OSMO X5 steadicam.

 David Warren dwmedia.tv

With over 10 years of television experience projects have been for broadcasters BBC, C5, TLC, Discovery, MTV, ITV, C4 and Sky. Recent credits and CV can be seen on my Talent Manager Profile: 

Please have a look at the Television Showreel page for showreel examples and also TV Photograph selections.
 Filming in Alaska - Rail Road Alaska
 Filming in Morocco - Superfoods
 Cheetah at magic hour
Dubai UAE  UAE Dubai Marina Long Exposure

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on the https://www.instagram.com/davewarren21/ 

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